8,000 Ballots Turned in for GIPS Bond Issue

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By Kim Cung


Updated: Thu, 04 Sep 2014 06:16:36 CST

More than 8,000 ballots have been received by the Hall County Election Commissioner's Office so far. The office says they get around 700 ballots per day.

The Superintendent of Grand Island Public Schools is hoping for a good turnout.

"Mail-in ballots have netted greater participation than polling places. Historically, when they look at special elections at polling places they're anywhere between 20 and 25 percent participation," said Robert Winter.

So he's hoping for at least 45 percent participation. And that might be possible since some voters say the flexibility of the mail-in ballot is key.

"This is a real convenience. A lot of times during work, we can't always get there during the regular hours so this is a real good convenience that you can just run up to the drop box and drop it in. Really helps a lot," said John Sammons.

Voters can either mail in their ballots or come to the Hall County Administration Building and drop off their ballots. But the election commissioner says there are some flaws to this voting method.

"If somebody hasn't gotten their ballot by now they need to contact our office and so we can find out why they didn't get a ballot and they can come in here and we'll issue them one. They'll vote it right here and move on," said Dale Baker.

Some voters who did get their ballots, still say they prefer the old way.

John Kosh, said, "I don't really like it. I think it just costs the taxpayers a lot of extra money. But that's just part of being an American citizen and voting I guess."

Regardless, Baker is positive about the outcome.

"I think it's gone relatively smoothly. Folks don't like change and so this mail-in election has... it's been different for people," said Baker.

Voters have until 5 pm Tues. Sept. 9 to turn in their ballots.