Game of the Week at Kenesaw

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Updated: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 01:35:24 CST

Our Aurora Cooperative Game of the Week tomorrow will take us to a contest between eight man football teams that have amazing winning traditions..

The Kenesaw Blue Devils host the defending state champion Giltner Hornets in an early season showdown...

Fear the Fork is the motto of the Kenesaw Blue Devils. There is good reason for that since this program has won 20 games the past two seasons. In fact, it's a program with a long legacy of success.

"I think we've only lost about the past 4 years six games I think, something like that so its been a pretty successful four years for us.", said Colton Blankenship. 

At 1–1 this season so far, Coach Craig Schnitzler's team has played without some of its best players including part of last week's game.

"Trevor Burr is our quarterback, he's hit and miss this week. We'll see how he goes during the week and if he can't go Keithen Harpum will take the helm at quarterback. Preston Schnitzler is out for the season with a torn ACL so basketball coach hopes he could be back sometime in January.", said Kenesaw Coach Craig Schnitzler

The Blue Devils welcome in the defending state champion Giltner Hornets, the only team that defeated them last regular season. Like the Blue Devils, they are 1–1 and like the Blue Devils hoping their best moments are ahead of them this season after a narrow loss in the opener against BDS and easy win over Hampton.

"We only turned the ball over five times in 2012 so now we've got four already but we didn't have any last Friday night so that was nice to see that again kind of back to normal", said Giltner coach Jeff Ashby.

In the opener the Hornets jumped out to a 16–0 lead only to lose 20–16. That one broke a 12 game winning streak. The Hornets feel they've started a new one.

"It kind of refocused us  back. We're working a lot harder from that game and we don't plan on losing another one". said Giltner linebacker Justin Joyce.

And just how does one expert see this one going.

"Well, Ed here's the deal. This would be a bit more interesting game frankly if Kenesaw had a full deck. They are without Michael Duffy, without Preston Schnitzler, they're going to be short handed and going to have a little bit of a problem I think with Giltner which worked out of a lot of the kinks last week after the 17 penalties in  the first game, probably a game that Giltner ought to win, said Huskerland Prep Editor Bob Jensen.

The Giltner–Kenesaw game after all is eight man football so look for some wide open thrilling action tomorrow in our Aurora Cooperative Game of the Week.