Giltner vs Kenesaw Aurora Cooperative Game of the Week

Class D-2 Action From Kenesaw

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Updated: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 10:57:23 CST

 AH it's the fifth quarter

Wherever you may be

Ho ever you may be watching

Thanks for making us a part of your night

Along with the great Ed Littler

I'm Will Sherratt

Ed, another slate of great games tonight in the state

But we'll begin with a class D matchup

That's right both the Giltner Hornets and the Kenesaw Blue Devils

Playoff teams from last season

Square off this evening

In our Aurora Cooperative game of the week

Let's go out to the Home of the Blue Devils for this one.

We found out that pads were 'Poppen' tonight, in Giltner Hornet Garrett Poppen..

Already up 16–8, Garrett takes the handoff, breaks thru the line, avoids a tackle and he is off on a 48 yard run for a touchdown. The Hornets lead the Devils 22–6...

On the 2 point conversion, same ballcarrier, same result as he finds the endzone for a 24–6 lead.

Now the Blue Devils on offense. Tervor Burr rolls out and finds Keithen Harpum for nine yards.

However, on 4th and one, the Hornets stop the Blue Devils and take over the ball.

Once they do Ben Hinrichs wastes no time dropping to throw, and he finds Jared Hinrichs behind the defense for yet another touchdown making it 30–8 still in the first quarter and the Hornets go onto an easy victory tonight over the Blue Devils. They defeat Kenesaw 72-48 to move to 2-1 on the season.