A familiar face speaks to Morton Elementary students

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Updated: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 06:47:17 CST

Morton Elementary's Monthly Motivator was a familiar face Tuesday afternoon.  News 5's Katie Gauthier spoke to the Kindergarten through Second Grade students.

It's all part of a monthly series in which the elementary students hear from members of the community about the importance of being a good person.

Not only did Katie share some of her favorite school memories, but she filled the students in on what it's like being a morning anchor-- from 2 AM wake ups to covering breaking news.

And Katie even had the kids looking towards their own futures.

"What do you want to do bud?" asked Katie.
"Wrestling!" said one student. 
"Wrestling? Well that sounds fun too.  And you?" asked Katie to another student. 

Katie wasn't the only star of the show.  These kids got their turns in the spotlight as they received the monthly academic awards.