A Victorian Tea fit for a lady

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Updated: Sun, 29 Sep 2013 11:53:39 CST

It was an afternoon fit for a lady, as Grand Island's third and fourth graders enjoyed their very own Victorian Tea Party.

Grand Island's Edith Abbott Memorial Library hosted the Sunday afternoon tea party, full of lessons of the Victorian Era.

And from the crafts they made to the dresses they wore, every little miss had her favorite part of the afternoon.

"You can dress them up and you can play with them," said 8 year old Brinn, who enjoyed the paper dolls.

"We got to bend them back and forth and then you stapled it and it was a fan," said 9 year old Annelise, who said her favorite was the paper fan craft.

"My Grandma went to Goodwill one day and she found this dress and she fixed it up for me to make it pretty for the tea party," said 8 year old Emily, speaking about her Victorian Era dress.

The Edith Abbot Memorial Library hosts the Victorian Tea Party every year to celebrate it's namesake's birthday.