ACA info session held in Grand Island

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By Tim McNicholas


Updated: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 01:34:28 CST

Almost three weeks after the new insurance market place opened up...

And still no one at an info session in Grand Island had successfully enrolled.

The instructor is yet to meet someone who has even created an account.

Dixie Scofield of Grand Island left the event with still plenty of questions.

"I figured there would be ways that they would cover everybody,” Scofield said.

Dixie is uninsured, and in some ways the new health care law is designed to help her.

But so far, she's had no such luck.

Her part–time job isn't enough to cover her disabled husband's medical bills.

And since Nebraska didn't adopt the Medicaid expansion, she's worried and confused on how she might be affected.

"I was very disappointed because those are the people that actually need it the most. Those that are low income,” she said.”

Her husband is currently covered by Medicaid...

So even without the expansion he could still be covered.

Volunteer Chuck Scripter says there's been plenty of Medicaid–related questions at his info sessions.

But on Saturday, the online marketplace was the hottest topic.

"Many people today would much rather use the web because they can stop and go, stop and go,” Scripter said.

Scripter says you can get through quickly over the phone...

But since the process takes hours that's not the easiest option.

Another big question mark?

How people on Medicare are affected.

For the most part, they won't be affected at all.

Scripter—an AARP volunteer—still encourages seniors to attend his sessions and learn about the new law.

"They also have to tell their friends and grandchildren how this is all working,” he said.

He's taught the same course near his home in North Platte.

On Wednesday another session will be held in Grand Island at 11 a.m.