Adams County 4-H Council holds annual Soup Supper

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Updated: Mon, 13 Jan 2014 09:57:59 CST

Were you a part of 4-H growing up?  Are your kids involved now?  Chances are, the answer is yes.  4-H is the nation's largest youth development and empowerment organization.

Sunday night the Adams County 4-H Council held their largest fundraiser of the year-- their annual Soup Supper.

Free will donations collected for each soup or chili helps to support the 4-H Council year round, from scholarships for graduating seniors to awards at the fair and all of 4-H's yearly kids projects.

"Shooting sports, we have archery, BB gun, air rifle. Then there's the animal projects. Anything from cat, dog, to large animal, beef, horse, sheep, pigs, swine, poultry. There's just so many projects," said Jerry Allen, Adams County 4-H Council President

Just how large is 4-H?  More than 300 kids participate in Adams County alone.