Adams County approves truck bypass

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Updated: Tue, 15 Oct 2013 07:37:01 CST

With a 4 to 2 vote on Tuesday, Adams County Board of Supervisors approved a new truck bypass — One that will take trucks from 281 to east Hastings and Highway 6 via 42nd Street and Showboat Road

The neighbors who live along the route say they're not happy about the traffic the truck route will bring

"Anywhere from 300 to 500 semis a day and yeah that's a concern," said Ivan Bengston, who lives along the route. 

But Supervisors say they heard much more positive feedback from their constituents than negative.

"The only reason they were against it is because they didn't want their taxes to go up or they thought that we should be spending more money in the area that they live," said Adams County Supervisor Dale Curtis. 

But raising their taxes won't be a problem.  The total cost of the project is estimated at $2,800,000-- financed over 5 years with bonds sold once the project is completed. 

While it's a big chunk of change to shell out, Supervisors say it could mean bringing more money in to the community.

"The economic development has been pretty much patchwork and piecemeal.  Where ever they could find the ground.  Where ever they could fit it in.  And where ever they could get a truck to turn in and out of," added Curtis. 

Adding the truck route will open up land in east Hastings for more businesses to head this way. 

But a large driving force was also safety.  Especially surrounding the highly traveled intersection at 26th and Showboat Road.

"That's the highest intersection for accidents in rural Nebraska.  We've been discussing the project, or the safety, at that intersection since 2007," said Adams County Highway Superintendent Dawn Miller. 

With the project, stop signs will be added to the intersection on 26th, greatly cutting down on the dangers.  And Miller says the project will also help with safety concerns at 3 other intersections in Hastings.

But despite the potential for growth and the increased safety, property owners are having a hard time coming to terms with the change.

"We need to know what they're going to do for us property owners.  We have nothing in writing.  We have an idea of what we're getting but we're not getting what we want," said Bengston. 

Part one of the project will begin this fall.  Construction on the actual route will begin this spring with hopes of the truck route opening in August of 2014.