After filibusters, pace of legislature picks up

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Updated: Fri, 24 Jan 2014 10:09:47 CST

On the 11th day of the legislative session, there was a different feeling in the air.

"It was amazing.  It was like the dam broke and we’ve gotten through probably as many bills today as we’ve gotten through since the beginning of the session," said Sen. Galen Hadley, District 37

A session that was off to a slow start.

"We’ve had two filibusters so far and they chewed up about 6 days of the days we’ve been here," said Sen. Les Seiler, District 33. 

And while it came as a surprise to Senator Seiler whose novelty lighter bill passed after a two day filibuster...

"I expected about a 15 to 20 minute minute debate and then it would be passed," said Senator Seiler.

Not all Senators shared the same shock. 

"It’s just the way the process works but there is a little bit of that sense of urgency that everyone of us have our priority issues.  This is our last shot at those priority issues," said Sen. Annette Dubas, District 34.

Senator Dubas isn’t the only Senator whose term limits have run out.  Senator Gloor says the whole session is complicated by unusual circumstances.

"A term limited Governor.  A lot of term limited Senators who want to make a statement.  We’ve got Senators who are running for constitutional offices," said Sen. Mike Gloor, District 35. 

But in just a matter of weeks bills will be prioritized by the Senators and they’ll start to take on the weighty issues.

"It’s going to have a different tenor than we see in past 60 day sessions," said Senator Dubas. 

The Senators say the number of bills this session aren’t out of the ordinary, but there are more impactful issues at hand. 

"Pack a toothbrush and some pajamas because we’re going to be here really late part of February and month of March," said Sen. Gloor. 

"An old Senator once said, we will get done what we have to get done," said Sen. Hadley. 

And for the 103rd legislature, these Senators now have just 49 more days of session to get through hundreds of bills.