AG Candidate Buescher supports "Earned Time"

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Updated: Wed, 19 Mar 2014 01:11:41 CST

And, of course, Medicaid Expansion isn't the only issue getting a lot of attention this session. Prison reform has also remained in the spotlight.
Working with Governor Heineman and Attorney General Jon Bruning, State Senator Scott Lautenbaugh is carrying LB 382... Or the Earned Time law... through this legislative session.

The proposal requires inmates convicted of the most violent crimes to earn a reduction in their sentence. And after serving as a domestic violence prosecutor for a short time... Attorney General Candidate Brian Buescher says a change like this is a priority.
"There's a group of criminals who are repetitive. They are violent folks who, every time they get out of jail, they continue to reoffend.  I believe we really need to focus on the repeat violent offenders when it comes to Good Time Law. I don't believe they should be eligible for Good Time at all. If you're going to continually hurt somebody everything you're out of jail, you shouldn't get a day off of your sentence for every day you serve."
Other candidates seeking the Republican nomination for Attorney General are State Senator Pete Pirsch, and Lincoln attorneys Mike Hilgers and Doug Peterson.