Animal Code Changes

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Updated: Wed, 19 Mar 2014 05:59:08 CST

Dogs, cats, chickens. Those and other animals will be addressed at tonight's Grand Island city council work session, The city is looking into a number of proposed animal code changes.

Clucking chickens and city limits has Grand Island taking a closer look at their animal codes.

"It's a matter of they'd like to have their own eggs and other people would like to have fresh milk but we can't have them putting a cow in the backyard," said Councilman John Gericke.

The new code would allow any residential property to have up to 8 chickens, currently they are allowed 4. Many people have complained to the city that chickens are messy, noisy, and attract varmints.

"If I have to speak for the humane society and animal control we would like to see those guys leave town. They're hard to manage, they're hard to catch," said Laurie Dethloff, Executive Director of the Central Nebraska Humane Society.

Among the changes is a provision that would step up fines for any pet running at large this includes cats and dogs that are barking constantly.

"I got an email today from a fella that was complaining that they have a neighbor that has 2 dogs that they don't properly take care of and they leave them out on the porch and they bark a lot and wake up their baby," said Gericke.

The new changes would expand animal cruelty to include a $250 fine for leaving a pet in the car on a hot summer day. The code also mandates spaying, neutering, and micro chipping any dog that has been declared dangerous.

"Micro chipping just ensures that if they are picked up that anybody can pull that microchip up and be informed that this is a dog that has been deemed and needs to be carefully handled," said Dethloff.

The administration is pushing the council to make a decision by March 25th.