Are our malls safe?

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Updated: Wed, 06 Nov 2013 10:11:37 CST

After a gunman opened fire at a New Jersey mall, we ask the question: are you safe shopping in our local malls?

At 9:20 Monday night, just as the New Jersey mall was set to close, pandemonium broke out after police say Richard Shoop fired six shots into the still bustling mall.

And with our malls getting busier and busier during the holiday season, what would local malls do in the event of a shooter?

Conestoga Mall General Manager Tony Schultz said while he can't release details on the mall's security procedures, he feels fully confident the mall is prepared.

Schultz said Conestoga has policies and procedures in place to deal with any situation the mall may encounter, including an active shooter.

Schultz does remind shoppers, if you ever see anything out of place, to contact mall security or local law enforcement.