Area Farm Crops Damaged By Severe Weather

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Updated: Thu, 10 Jul 2014 05:35:01 CST

Last night's storms came out at a bad time for area farmers. Many are now left trying to figure out their next move after crops were damaged even destroyed.

Many corn crops around the area were hit with wind, hail, and heavy rain. Fields were littered with broken tassels and defoliated stocks. But it wasn't just the corn crops that suffered. Beans and wheat crops were also left in poor condition.

Local agricultural producer, Michael Schukei was caught off guard by last night's storms.
"This is kind of the storm you didn't see coming. Everything yesterday was business as usual, getting pivots going, things looked wonderful. By nine o'clock last night they looked like this."
Farmers like Schukei say it's not too late to start re-planting. But, with it being so late in the growing season crop producers know it would be a gamble.
"It would have to be a pretty unique situation in order to look at re-planting anything at this point."
Schukei says that many farmers throw out dates to which it may be too late to start re-planting for beans is July 10th. That date just so happens to be today.