Art Heist at Hastings College

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Updated: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 10:56:52 CST

It happens in Paris and New York, but now an art heist in Hastings. A painting worth 1,500 dollars was stolen from Hastings College, the third theft at the art center within a year.

The art center on the campus of Hastings College is full of famous pieces. But, on Monday Art chairman Turner McGhee noticed a mainstay of the gallery missing.

"I thought, well, there are very few people with a vehicle that could carry such a thing so the first thing I did was to check in all the bushes around the building but it was gone," said Turner McGhee, Chairman of the Art Department at Hastings College.

"This is not the Thomas Crown Affair, somebody didn't just walk in fold this painting up and carry it off in a briefcase," said Alicia O'Donnell, Communications Manager at Hastings College.

The art work is 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It took up nearly this entire wall. The painting screws and all were ripped right out of the wall.

"Invaded like you would if you noticed that someone had been in your home," said Turner.

"I'm also so sad that someone thinks they can just come and take things, I don't know why people would do that," said Tom Kreager, art professor at Hastings College.

"Rabbits Invade Mysterious Mr. Y's Studio" is valued at 1,500 dollars. It's not the first piece of art to be ripped off from the college. Last year a $500 piece of art was stolen.

"I considered it such a freak event that I sort of just wrote it off as quickly as I could but when it happens again you begin to worry that maybe we have been to lax in our security," said Turner.

This incident combined with other thefts have school officials re-evaluating security. They are considering adding surveillance cameras.

"I'm not a person that likes to have camera everywhere although I think we need it now at least in the entryways of the buildings so we know who's coming and going," said Tom.

Hastings College is asking for the public's help. Anyone with information about the painting is urged to call the Hastings Police.