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Bronco Hall of Fame Weekend

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Updated: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 12:17:12 CST

It is a special weekend that will be remembered forever at Hastings College.

The basketball alumni weekend included the Hall of Fame induction of some great players.

They are also our Aurora Cooperative Five Star Performers.

Hastings College is a school that drips with tradition. Nowhere was that tradition more on display than at the induction ceremony Sunday of the 1963–64 Bronco basketball squad. Conference champions, Nebraska state college champs and National Tournament competitors. The memories flowed back, so did the humor. For instance the young Al Motley looking a bit different now some half a century later.

I saw that picture on the composite of a young Al Motley, do you recognize that guy? No, no my kids don't even, they say who is that? Well, that was somebody 50 years ago let me tell you.

Of course the man that built the dynasty, Dr. Lynn Farrell, long ago a Bronco Hall of Fame inductee himself once again back on the campus he patrolled for a quarter of a century leading his team to 20 or more wins in 10 straight years reconnecting with his players and memories, happy to see this 50th anniversary team likewise inducted into the hall.

O. it's always geat, the team is being inducted and Eddie Lorentzen is being inducted as a players so it's really a big day for us.

Ed Lorentzen's patended hook shot was a staple of the Broncos from 1963 thru 65. His two seasons in a Broncos uniform were special averaging 20 points and 15 rebounds for 2 National Tournament teams as the Broncos achieved a 47–8 record.

Probably one of the best decisions I made in my life was to come to Hastings College not just to play basketball but because of the environment and educational opportunities.

And of course the man that put this reunion together, former Bronco player and coach Mike Trader, a link to the past but still a fund raiser for his alma mater paving the way for present and future Broncos.

Well for the school and the basketball program and that it's been not just a tremendous day today but a really fun and great weekend.

The rivalry with UNK is renewed this day. The teams, just 50 miles apart were fierce competitors when both were in the NAIN and thought the Lopers have moved up to Division Two ball, that history is not lost on them.

Well you know Ed we were honored to be a part of this, we go back inot the Hastings rivalry back into the mid 60s when my brother players and into the 70s when I played and then coaching and nobody has amy more respect for Lynn Farrell and Mike Trader and the people who are involved with Hastings College thanwe do sicne we've been involved in so many of those games.

The day concludes with the Broncos and Lopers on the court once again and as the inductees see the game, they can't help but hear the many echoes of yesteryear and the great memories of basketball games past.