Aurora Cooperative Five Star Performer

GPAC Player of the Week Jamie Van Kirk

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Updated: Thu, 02 Jan 2014 10:16:35 CST

This week's Aurora Cooperative Five Star performer has raced off to a fantastic start for the Hastings Lady Broncos...

No doubt about it, Jamie Van Kirk is back home and in her comfort zone...

It seems like only yesterday Jamie Van Kirk left Sutton high school for North Dakota State. After 2 seasons with the Bison she is back in familiar territory with the Hastings Broncos making an impact right away. As GPAC Player of the Week the past 2 weeks, Jamie has averaged 20 points a game as the Broncos are off to a 10–2 start as she plays before family and friends.

It's great to be home, great to be around family and friends, people I love so and the people that really make basketball enjoybable, so I really enjoyed it.

It seems like you carry that comfort to the court now, you're comfortable out there, is that right? Yes, absolutely and the girls on the team made that very easy for me. It was a pretty easy transitiro, we're really starting to click, really starting to gain a lot of chemistry on the floor which has been really fun.

Bronco coach Carrie Hofstetter has seen Jamie play for a long time. She is most happy to welcome a seasoned division one player to her program here at Hastings.

She's been around a long time and we've known her a long time and it was great to have her come back and she's a great scorer, great teammate, she's a great leader and all of those things have helped us tremdously this year.

With a winnable game at Dordt Saturday, look for these Broncos to rise in the rankings in large part to GPAC Player of the Week and Aurora Cooperative Five Star Performer Jamie Van Kirk.