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Olympic Gold Medalist Curt Tomasececz preps for Sochi

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Updated: Thu, 02 Jan 2014 10:16:10 CST

With the new year quickly approaching, all eyes will soon focus on Sochi and the 2014 Winter Olympics here on NBC.

As the USA's Bobsled Team Night Train tries to repeat as gold medal champs, Shelby native Curt Tomasevecz continues to compete at a World Championship level on the International Circuit.

Curt is this week's News 5 Five Star Performer.

It's hard to believe its been almost four years since fans of Curt Tomasevecz here in his hometown of Shelby were cheering for his and his team Night Train teammates to take the four man bobsled gold medal in Vancouver.

Yeah we always say the hours go slow but the weeks go fast. Yeah Four years have come and gone very quickly

Back in his hometown for just a few days, Curt and his US Bobsled team will shoot for another gold right here on NBC in about six weeks this time in Sochi.

You guys have a target on your back? Yeah probably, I t's hard to see from another country's perspective in the last few years. We haven't done real well at the World Championships. We did win in 2011 but other than that the Germans and the Russians have kind of dominated the sport in the last few years so I kind of feel like they're the favorites even though we've really done well so far this year but we'll see in a couple of months.

The games in Sochi will be Curt's 3rd Olympics. He and his team finished sixth in the 2006 games before taking home the gold in 2010.

Curt and the Bobsled team traveled the International circuit where last month they were in Park City Utah. Several dozen people from Shelby boarded a bus to make a 14 hour trip to see Curt compete.

Team Night Train won that championship which they hope is a prelude to Sochi. Curt said it was great to see family and friends and those familiar faces that travel far to see him compete.

You know, a hundred plus people come from Shelby to Park City, Utah. People traveled ten, 12 hours paid for hotels to watch me.

Curt has moved up to the #2 man on the sled behind driver Steve Holcolmb with 2 new members of the team. Add a win last week in Lake Placid and Team Night Train has an excellent chance to repeat gold.

It's really exciting to see the success we have had so far. There's been four two man races and three four man races and and we've won all seven so far. It's exciting but we know the big one is only a few months away.

Family and friends will not be in Sochi as they were in Vancouver but in six weeks it's almost certain many of the same people will come together in the same bar to watch Team Night Train go for the gold again right here on News 5