Aurora Cooperative Game of the Week-Cozad At Kearney Catholic

Cozad and Kearney Catholic meet In battle of Unbeatens

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Updated: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 11:17:13 CST

The Stars will be out tomorrow night-that's the Kearney Catholic Stars...
They'll be hosting the team from Cozad that will be coming to town to try to "Make Some Hay."
The matchup between the two teams is our Aurora Cooperative Game of the Week.

Former Huskers and current Houston Texan defensive lineman Jared Crick has to be proud of his alma mater. That's his high school alma mater, the Cozad Haymakers, 5-0 and heading to Kearney Catholic to meet another undefeated team tomorrow for our Aurora Cooperative Game of the Week.
The Haymakers set the tone early with an opening night victory over Bill Carlin's Adams Central Patriots, a team that has not lost since.

"It really gave us a kick start you know, kind of put us on the map, let people know we're really going for it this year," said Nate Bubak.

The Haymakers travel here to Miles Field in Kearney to meet a Starts team likewise 5-0. They have Thomas Connely, a running back a season go who rushed for over 1200 yards.
This season, think of him as Northwestern's Kain Coulter who'll play quarterback and running back. You don't know where he'll line up but he'll be good.

"We can play him pretty much anywhere, just a great athlete, hard runner you know he had close to 100 yards last year as a running back so we kind of dink him back and forth from quarterback to running back and when he is at running back John Master takes over at quarterback and Derek Jackson moves out to a wing so we have a little speed out there," said Coach Dave Colling.

"I think it helps keep the opposing teams off guard, they have to prepare for a lot of stuff whether its me or Master at quarterback or whoever is at running back as well so I think it shakes up a lot and gives us an advantage," said Thomas Connely.

As for Jared Crick, he'll be in Houston for away as his Texans get ready to play the St. Louis Rams Sunday but this thoughts are never far from his hometown of Cozad and his former football team and could who wears his Jared Crick shirt.

"You know, that's something for our kids to aspire to. We always kind of use that as motivation when you get kids like that in your system and that something to look forward to as far as what you want to accept for your personal standards," said Brian Cargill.

So it will be the 5-0 Cozad Haymakers visiting the likewise 5-0 Kearney Catholic Stars in our Aurora Cooperative Game of the Week.