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Blue Hill Meets Kearney Catholic in Game of Week

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Updated: Wed, 06 Nov 2013 10:16:25 CST

As we approach the round of 16 high school football playoffs, the Blue Hill Bobcats are ready to head west to take on the NorthPlatte St. Pat's Irish tomorrow afternoon at 5:00.

When they get there, they'll meet among others, what is a not so secret weapon that the Irish have in their back pocket.

I didn't think I had a chance but I got excited when it got closer.

(Ball Flys In Air :02)

You know, when he kicked it, I knew you could tell by the sound that he got a hold of it pretty well.

(Balll Flys in Air :02)

The snapper, the holder, the hold and the blocks have to be perfect, and that's what happened that night.

(Ball Flys In Air :05)

Yes, the kick was good! North Platte St. Pat's Drew McClellan sets a Nebraska high school Class C–2 record with a 58 yard field goal as the Irish was on its way to a 23–0 playoff win over the Cambridge Trojans.

Drew also had a 42 yarder and kicked 3 field goals in the game.

The Irish will now welcome in Scott Porter's Blue Hill Bobcats for the round of 16 in playoff action tomorrow afternoon and coach Porter rarely if ever had to worry about the opponents kicker.

"Definitely gives us another aspect to worry about, you know if they get close enough within his range you know we definitely got to work on attempting to apply some pressure to possibly block one or make him distracted to miss it", said Blue Hill coach Scott Porter.

The Irish not only have a weapon in their kicker  but Quarterback Alex Harms is Nebraska's high school Heisman Trophy winner. Blue Hill has a good one in Jason Poe and other stars to go along with him.

"They're going to come in here and probably be one of the biggest teams we face

this year across the front on both offense and defense side of the ball. They have an excellent quarterback, tough running back and a great wide receiver and so it is going to present a lot of challenges to our team but our kids are ready, they've had a good week of practice up to this point",said St. Pat's coach Kevin Dodson.

After winning the state championship in 2008 and playing in 3 straight title games the Bobcats have lost their 2nd round playoff game the past four seasons.

Can they get to the elite 8, or will their season end at the home of the St. Pat's Irish? We'll start to find out at 5:00 tomrorow night in our Aurora Cooperative Game of the Week.