Aurora Cooperative Game Of Week-Norris vs. York

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Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:36:49 CST

Well hello there ...welcome to the first edition of News 5's Fifth quarter Hanging out with the venerable ...and now dry Ed Littler I'm Will Sherratt Ed, it's great to be back seems like football season couldn't come fast enough And now thankfully's here Yes ...and here in week zero We're treated to plenty of sterling match–ups across the state And we'll begin class B Northwest pays a visit to Sidney A pair of coaching debuts in Hastings as the Tigers take on the Seward Bluejays But first ...let's start with a pair of playoff teams ...from last year The glass shoe the York Dukes last season they became the first ever 16 seed to knock off a 1 ...with their take down of Scottsbluff Tonight ...could be a statement game for York Showing they truly belong with the big boys As they host the number one team in class B ...the Norris Titans in our Aurora Cooperative game of the week York defeats Norris 30-7.