Aurora-GICC Volleyball

Aurora Knocks Off GICC In Five Sets

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Updated: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 10:53:11 CST

Soon we'll see district volleyball and the road to the state championship in Grand Island will begin...

Aurora and GICC are two teams that are always contenders...

Let's go to the home of  the Crusaders as these two traditional powers take on each other.

We go to the first set, and the Huskies serve to the Crusaders.

GICC's Elysse Grattop gets a good swing on the ball and it goes down for a point.

Tim Higgins one of the refs, he refs just about all sports.

Now Aurora gets a good swing as the ball is over the net.

Taylor Theile scores for the Huskies.

Let's go to further action,and once again, they get the ball to Taylor and she puts it down again. The Huskies won the first set and end up winning the match in five.