Barrett defends Ricketts

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Updated: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 08:25:36 CST

It's been a back and forth war of words between Gubernatorial candidates Pete Ricketts and Jon Bruning. Both sides are accusing the other of negative campaigning.

Former US Congressman Bill Barret was in Kearney today defending the accusations against Pete Ricketts. Jon Bruning has alleged Pete Rickets to be behind the 3rd party attack ads against him. Ads that say Ricketts supports amnesty, fired 9 hundred people from Ameritrade, and tried to dodge paying property taxes. The Ricketts campaign denies those claims. Barret says these ads are unfair tactics, and, points the finger at Bruning.

"Bruning's latest television ads are intentionally misleading, untrue, and unfair, and are a repeat of what Ben Nelson's campaign used against Pete 8 years ago," said Bill Barrett, former U.S. congressman.

Barrett also ads that some people are turned off by negative campaigns and there's no place for that in politics anymore.