Big Red Express Whistle Stop Tour

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Updated: Mon, 30 Jun 2014 10:26:05 CST

According to the Bureau of Transportation, passenger vehicles account for better than 88 percent of passenger miles traveled.

Air carriers ...north of 10 percent

Rail...a measley half percent

But a slew of Nebraska's coaches

Hopping on the train today

For the big Red Express

Whistle stop tour

The Locomotive

Making stops in Columbus, Kearney, North Platte

And here in Grand Island

With droves of eager fans

Awaiting their favorite coaches

Bo Pelini, Tim Miles, and Rhonda Revelle part of the 14 coaches making the trek connect with one of the most passionate fan bases

In all of college sports

Just mixing up a little bit. Spending time with people is so important. Until you press some flesh, and get to know people eye to eye and face to face, you know it's really not the same.  That's why these events are so important.

There is no doubt the university of Nebraska is the best tradition and most unique place there is. I know one thing, I speak for all these coaches when you say you can't ask for anything more..