Big Ten Media Days Preview

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Updated: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 10:57:20 CST

In June probably let it creep into the back of your mind

In early July might start to sense it's right around the corner

Now ...seeing as we're almost into August ...feel free to salivate over the fact that football almost here

Just 34 days until the Huskers kickoff against Florida Atlantic

But tomorrow ...we'll get to hear their thoughts on the 2014 campaign Big Ten Media Days

Reporter Jeff Packer is in Chicago for the festivities

And sets the scene for us the Windy City

Chicago welcomes members of the Big Ten media right here on South Michigan

Avenue, home to the downtown Chicago Hilton which will host tomorrow's beginning of

the 43rd annual Big Ten Media Days. We know the cast of characters. Coach Bo Pelini

from Nebraska will be bringing three seniors as always starting with running back

Ameer Abdullah, defensive back Corey Cooper, and Kenny Bell at that wide receiver

position. They'll field questions from back in the beginning of the year in their

bowl win against Georgia all the way til now. We've had an entire offseason to cook

up questions for these guys. They will take the stands tomorrow afternoon to field

questions from the media. Things start at 8 AM for the media days and they wrap up

Tuesday afternoon when Ameer Abdullah provides the keynote speech for the Big Ten

Luncheon. We'll have plenty of reports throughout the week right here in the Windy

City. Reporting in Chicago, Jeff Packer, KSNB