Black Friday crowds down from Thanksgiving shopping surge

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By Tim McNicholas


Updated: Mon, 02 Dec 2013 09:50:31 CST

If you drove by the Imperial Mall last night, you weren't seeing things...
It was packed.
The mall has just a few stores.
And, is known more for attracting everyday walkers rather than shoppers.
Everyone was rushing for the bargain deals on Thursday night.
Shoppers who waited until Friday found all the good stuff is gone.
"Oh yeah. On the boots, i have big feet, and the size 11s are gone and that's unfortunate," Hastings shopper Jessica Koch said. "But it was still worth it to just be with my family yesterday."
Family...that's what Thanksgiving is all about, right?
But this year it was a day of door busters and lengthy lines for some.
A purist might call that a Thanksgiving nightmare...
Others are saying Black Thursday doesn't necessarily negate the holiday's family element.
"I think that some people do it as a family and I think that's fun, but I'm not sure. I think Black Friday is it's own special thing and we should just leave it on Friday," Koch said.
The National Retail Federation expects only a quarter of this year's holiday consumers to shop on Thanksgiving.
"We're open the whole time so there's really no lines," a Kmart manager said.
If the majority of this year's shoppers are coming in on Black Friday...
They're certainly not all coming in at once.
Many stores are open for over 24 hours at a time...
So shoppers are scattered throughout the day.
Many retailers are finally closing up shop late Friday night.