Broken Bow gets new convention center

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By Tim McNicholas


Updated: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 06:47:51 CST

Broken Bow is the epitome of small–town America...

Less than 4,000 people without a big city for miles in any direction.

If you ask some of the townspeople, that's what makes it a great place for a big convention center.

"I think this will provide a gathering point where they could have large conferences and things that would have had to have gone to one of our neighboring larger cities,” Tracey Jonas, an assistant manager of the Trotter Service Center said.

The guys at the Trotter Service Center have praised the Cobblestone Hotel since it opened on October 16th.

Now there's a convention center to go along with it.

"We wanted something nice that people could just walk right in and host an event,” lead investor Craig Safranek said.

Governor Heineman cut the ribbon Thursday night, meaning the One Box Convention Center is officially open for business.

There are already 52 events booked through 2015. Those include weddings and Christmas parties. In the future there are even hopes to host political debates.

A recent convention study indicated Hastings is need of a new conference center.

But some Broken Bow locals don't quite get that one.

"They're pretty close to Grand Island,” Jonas said. “So they don't have too far to travel."

It's not the only hotel in Broken Bow, but the convention center separates Cobblestone from most of the others.

The hotel opened earlier than the One Box Center due to strong winds toppling the convention center's construction in June.