Businesses gear up for the holidays

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By Tim McNicholas


Updated: Fri, 01 Nov 2013 06:47:27 CST

Kmart's corporate radio started playing their holiday songs Friday, and their trees have been up since mid September.

That's pretty standard, but now in Hastings their full holiday set is almost complete even earlier than last year.

"A lot of people with their budgets, I think they have to plan out a little bit more. Maybe stretch out their holiday," manager Rodney Keesee said.

Some might call it a marketing tactic, and one that is apparently working.

Kmart already has some trees on layaway.

But don't put on the Santa hat yet. Some shoppers are saying November 1st is too early for holiday shopping.

Outside Herberger's, some are hoping to take it one Holiday at a time.

"When December comes. Or maybe the end of November but not right after Halloween," local shopper Serena Christensen said.

But when she walked inside Herberger's she found an impressive holiday display there as well.

And it's been there for over a month now.

As for the tunes...

Local radio stations won't start their round–the–clock holiday playlists until closer to Thanksgiving.