Car Crash Flips SUV, Sends Two to Hospital in GI

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Updated: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 11:42:39 CST

Two cars collided in an open intersection sending both drivers to the hospital Tuesday morning in Grand Island. Police say even though the mini SUV was flipped onto its top, the crash was not as bad as it looked.

Firefighters used jaws of life to free the driver of the SUV from his vehicle because the driver was held upside down in his seat belt and mentioned his back was in pain. The firefighters didn't want to risk injuring it any further.

The crash happened at the intersection of 7th Street and Greenwich, a few blocks east of Jefferson Elementary. Scott Arnold said since it's an open intersection and witnesses said it did not appear as if either cars were speeding, he will not issue any citations. It is unclear who had the right of way.

According to police, the driver of the SUV had dropped off kids at the nearby school, while the driver of the Mazda had two kids in the backseat, who were not injured.

Arnold said the Mazda sedan had a downward slope, which acted as a ramp when the cars collided and flipped the smaller SUV onto its top. Police said there was not a lot of impact. The driver of the Mazda wasn't wearing a seat belt, but her car's airbag deployed. The driver of the SUV was wearing a seat belt and side airbags deployed. Arnold said both drivers were conscious had no visible injuries.