Chilly weather won't stop high school softball players

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Updated: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 05:53:10 CST

It's one thing to watch outdoor sports in this chilly weather, but imagine playing in it.

It was about 40 degrees Friday morning as high school softball teams arrived at the Hastings Softball Complex.

Players were prepared, wearing sweatshirts, ear muffs, gloves and determination.

They all say the cold weather can't stop them.

"Oh man the weather last year was really beautiful, but this, this is kind of really bad
so far, but we'll just have to play with what we get." Said Danica Schaefer from the Wayne Blue Devils.

"Once we get warmed up and focused, we're focused on the game and not what the weather is like." Said Kiara Hochstein from the Wayne Blue Devils.

"We try to think that it's sunny and 70 degrees instead of the cold. So, we're ready." Said Hannah Riley from the York Dukes.

"It's so cold, but it's fun and it's fun competing in it." Said Veronica Botts from the York Dukes.

The NSAA announced attendance for the first two days. More than 4 thousand fans have come out to watch.