Coach Bo Pelini Looks To Improve

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Updated: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 08:34:57 CST

It was a dissapointing performance as Nebraska edged Wyoming 37–34 in Saturday night's college football season opener. Today ..Coach.Bo Pelini and the players took to the podium To discuss the issues that plagued them...and how they plan on improving. News 5's Will Sherratt picks it up from there After Nebraska's narrow 37 to 34 victory over the Wyoming Cowboys on Saturday Bo Pelini did not rush to any conclusions when addressing the media after the game saying it's never as bad as you think Or never as good as you think Until you watch the film So Coach pelini hunkered down In his office until quote, the wee hours of the morning Going over the tape Looking over the game and says he learned a lot from the performance "There is going to be some adjustments that need to be made On both sides We got to clean up our football On both sides We played not nearly up to our potential I think it will serve as a wakeup call to our guys in some instances but I think most importantly I think we will learn a lot from watching this film Yea I think it was a huge wakeup call for us Just knowing that we can't let go at any point no matter how many points we are up by or anything like that So we just have to be able to finish and just know how to finish games A lot of just execution errors I mean we knew what they were going to do We were prepared very well by the coaches I thought they did a good job with us not being 100% sure what they were going to come out and do I thought they did a very nice job of preparing us But it comes down to us It comes down to us executing our job No one played a perfect game but execution is the main thing It's just what I am going to keep harping on We got to get it hitting on all cylinders to be good" So up next for the Huskers it's a date with Southern Miss It'll be the fifth time the two schools meet on the gridiron Of course the Huskers won last year's contest 49 to 20 Kickoff set for this Saturday at 5 pm From Memorial Stadium with the Huskers Will Sherratt News 5 Sports .