Confusion surrounds possible state slogan change

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Updated: Fri, 24 Jan 2014 10:07:57 CST

A bill in Nebraska's legislature is causing hard feelings over a possible change.

Nebraskans are known for their pride; pride in their agriculture, their values and in this state.

When asked, most people couldn't say what the state slogan is.

"I'm embarrassed to say no, what is it?" Said Michael Sprague a born and raised Nebraskan.

"I do not, I should, but I don't" Said Jennifer Franssen, a resident of Nebraska since 2001.

Some thought they knew, when reminded of the signs along the border of the state.

"Oh, the Good Life, there you go." Said Stacy Rasser of Red Cloud.

As drivers enter the state of Nebraska, the first thing they'll see is this sign, and who would have thought that the three words on it could cause so much controversy.

Omaha State Senator Heath Mello introduced LB 1024 on Wednesday to considerable backlash.

But it's all a misunderstanding.

Senator Mello released a statement Wednesday saying, "While 'The Good Life' tagline first appeared on state materials during the 1970's, it is not and never has been our official state slogan."

According to state statute the slogan is "Welcome to NEBRASKAland- where the west begins."

"The west begins further east, I feel." Said Rasser.

"I think the Good Life is much more ubiquitous in people's minds than "Where the West Begins'." Said Sprague.

The Nebraska Tourism Commission asked Senator Mello to sponsor LB 1024.

It would repeal the current slogan from law, and allow the tourism commission to adopt a new slogan and symbol.

If it's up to many Nebraskans...

"that's what everybody sees when they come through Nebraska." Said Franssen.

"The Show Me state, Missouri, you know, that's been that slogan for however long." Said Rasser.

They'd make the change simple, The Good Life.

The Nebraska Tourism Commission released a statement this afternoon regarding the confusion over the legislative bill.

Saying the intent of the bill is to allow the commission to change the current slogan which is no longer used.