Congressman Smith, opponent Brewer on spending bill

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By Tim McNicholas


Updated: Fri, 17 Jan 2014 09:44:14 CST

Two opponents in a Congressional race have at least one thing in common.

An overwhelming 359 House members voted in favor of the bipartisan spending bill...

Congressman Adrian Smith is one of the 67 who stood against it.

166 Republicans voted in favor of the bill...

Despite a push in the other direction from Tea Party activists.

The bill will fund the U.S. government through October.

Smith says even though he was in the minority he wants to build off the outcome.

He's hoping Washington can return to its regular order with the compromise.

Nonetheless, watching the bill pass was tough for Smith to swallow.

"It was a vote that I think a lot of folks have struggled with,” Smith said. “But I think it's time to move forward."

Smith is currently seeking a fifth term in Congress.

Smith's opponent Tom Brewer would have voted against the bill as well...

But, he says that's just one of the few similarities between him and his opponent.

Brewer says the Third District needs a Congressman who's not afraid to speak out.

Brewer is a retired Army veteran who's battling leukemia...

He is currently undergoing chemo once a week for leukemia.

Brewer knows taking on an incumbent like Smith is an uphill climb.

He used his retirement money in an effort to take Smith out of office.

"I don't see him with any natural leadership skills,” Brewer said. “I think he's a true politician."

The Gordon, Nebraska native says battling his leukemia has caused him to be a bit more tired throughout the day...

But other than that it's not slowing down his campaign.