Cross country march for climate action stops in Kearney

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Updated: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 10:34:16 CST

Starting in L.A and ending in D.C, one group is marching cross country to spread awareness about issues of climate change.  Today they walked from Axtell to Kearney.  That's a 5 hour trip on foot.  The group is called the Great March for Climate Action and they are teaming up with Bold Nebraska. Together they're collecting signatures for a petition that would force oil companies to disclose information about oil train traffic and pipeline contents. With thousands of petition signatures in hand they are looking to send a message from coast to coast.

"Encourage people to actually take action themselves and whether it's legislative action or to work in their communities or with their city mayor, find some way to start weaning off of carbon based fuels," said Doug Grandt, a group member.

They plan on arriving in Washington DC on November 1st.