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Updated: Fri, 08 Nov 2013 10:26:07 CST

Crossroads Center is a faith-based organization that has been in operation for 30 years in the Hastings area. Throughout this time we have grown from a one-bedroom soup kitchen to a 112-bed facility operating 365 days a year. The past year at Crossroads Center has been an exciting one as we’ve seen the Lord make possible a new Crossroads Kearney campus. The new Kearney campus opened on February 1, 2012 and like the Hastings Center it provides a place to share the Gospel in a practical way. Our two campuses care for hurting souls through the use of our 4-Phase program, which helps equip our guests for better decision-making in life. To those who have struggled to make ends meet, or who even lost all their possessions, we offer the hope of the Gospel and God’s promises as we tend to their natural needs. We have many success stories to share, but none would have been possible without the community’s financial support and volunteer hours. There is much to be done as we work to meet the needs of the homeless in our two communities. Visit us at:

Who do we serve?

Crossroads Center serves homeless men, women and families, from our communities. The number one reason for homelessness is “No affordable housing”. The face of homelessness has changed in recent years, but our biggest growth, is in our families division.

How many people do you help each year?

In 2012, we served 726 individuals between our Hastings and Kearney locations. Of the 726 guests 368 were men, 208 women, and 150 children.

How long can guests stay in your facilities?

Guests stay as long as needed to get back on their feet and there is no maximum length of time that they can stay. On average guests will stay with us for 40-46 days.

What is the Four-phase program?

Biblical principles are incorporated into our four-phase program, which each guest must participate while residing at Crossroads Center. The program includes life skills classes, such as character building, nutrition education, healthy relationships, communication, employment services and financial management. Each step is used to heal and develop the individual or family into a fully functioning member of society.

Who provides funding to keep you open?

It costs $35.50 per person per day to provide a warm bed, food, clothing and case management. Generous individuals, businesses and other organizations within the community donate 99% of our income. You make it possible for Crossroads Center to provide continuous assistance to the homeless and needy. Click the link to be directed to our secure donation page and help change someone’s world.

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