Danger ahead for the Republican party?

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Updated: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 09:58:55 CST

All five of Nebraska's delegates, between the house and the senate, voted for the deal.  Thursday we're hearing more about why they supported the plan in the end-- as both parties were able to find middle ground.

"This agreement was necessary to climb out from under the shadow of this current budget and debt dilemma and set the course for more responsible method of governing," said U.S. Senator Mike Johanns in his weekly podcast. 

Republican leaders agree--the deal was not ideal for both the congressmen and senators holding out for change.

But as a Republican Congressman in truly red state, is Adrian Smith worried about the future of the Republican party?

Congressman Smith told News 5 he is not.  He said the issue boils down to the future of our country, not the future of one party.

But with this deal only lasting through the middle of December-- do we face another shutdown in just a matter of months?

"I hope we can avoid that. We need to pursue policies that can bring our country together and to move forward from there. That's how we get better work done, rather than this leadership division," said Congressman Adrian Smith. 

Smith went on to call the division among parties counterproductive for what the nation needs to get done.