Danger Falls In United Bowl Game

Jeff Packer Wraps up Danger-Storm IFL Title Game

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Updated: Sun, 29 Jun 2014 10:57:00 CST

In the past 85 games at the Sioux Fall Arena, the home team has won 82.

That includes last night's United Bowl Championship game when once again, the Storm won the Indoor Football League Championship 63–46 over the Tri–City Storm last last night.

Reporter Jeff Packer has the story...

After last night's loss to the Sioux Falls Storm, Nebraska Danger quarterback Jameel Sewll summed up the season


It was a tough game for the Danger against a Storm team than has now won 42 in a row at home.

It's awfully tough to lose especially when you put so much work into it but we know Sioux Falls has had a great team for a long time.

So the Danger finishes the season as they did last year losing in the title game here at Sioux Falls to the Storm that has won four titles in a row.