Dinsdale brings financial background to the table

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Updated: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 09:16:04 CST

He's one of four republicans in the race for US Senate.  And when Sid Dinsdale stopped by News 5 on Wednesday, he said there's plenty that sets him apart.

The farmer and businessman from Palmer, Nebraska isn't interested in becoming a career politician.

Dinsdale said he only became interested in running for Senate after he grew frustrated with the overreach of the federal government.

And as a candidate with experience in business and banking during this crucial time for America's financial future, does he think the government should let a default happen?

"As far as I know today, I would always vote to raise the debt limit.  I'll argue all year long and we'll fight about the expenditures, the revenues, the taxes.  But, just what I know today I would always vote in favor of raising that debt limit so I'm very concerned about what will happen," said Dinsdale.

Do you approve, or disapprove, of work done this session in the Nebraska state legislature?
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