Doniphan Community Center Finished

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Updated: Sat, 19 Oct 2013 10:48:55 CST

After years of deliberation, preparation and construction, Doniphan residents can finally look at a final product.

The new Doniphan Community Center opened today.

It sits just across the street from the post office on Pine Street.

The building includes a a mail hall with seating for 360 people, a village office and a senior center.

The grand opening event brought residents from not Doniphan and other neighboring communities.

Residents say they're excited for the new building.

"I think the community has needed an event center like this ever since we moved to town, wedding receptions, community functions," said Galen Sterner, a Doniphan resident.

"We haven't had a great place to hold large events.  You have to go outside of Doniphan for that so we are very excited that we will have that in our community," said Carla Maurer, a Doniphan resident.

Builders broke ground on the 13 thousand square foot center just over a year ago.

It was paid for in part by a one cent tax increase approved back in 2009.