Doniphan woman opens fitness center

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Updated: Sun, 17 Aug 2014 11:04:54 CST

A Doniphan woman was advised that she needed to lower her cholesterol and blood pressure, So 73 year-old retired pastor, Julie Bringelson accepted the doctor's orders and turned them into a way of life.

Bringelson opened the Way Station Fitness Center in downtown Doniphan two months ago.

She purchased over a dozen exercise machines earlier this year but had nowhere to put them, that is until the former Doniphan city hall became available.

Now Bringelson is sharing her new low-impact fitness method with other Central Nebraskans.

"They mostly do the circuit which is 30 seconds on a machine and then 30 seconds on a recovery board. So it would take theoretically 24 minutes to go around twice, and then the stretch is probable another 7 to 10 minutes so they can do a full body workout in 35 minutes or so." Said Bringelson.

Bringelson says she currently has 22 clients, and hopes to welcome more in the near future.