Early voting ballots for the Tri Cities

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Updated: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 08:36:52 CST

With a crowded Republican party for the governor's race and a high-interest, heated race the Republican U.S. Senate seat, early voters have been turning out in high numbers for the May Primary election.

So far nearly 10 thousand Nebraskans have voted early in the primary election.

We broke down those numbers across the Tri-Cities.

As of today, 353 early ballots have been cast in Buffalo County.

288 of those are Republican voters,48 are Democratic, and 17 are Independent.

In Adams County, 370 early voting ballots have been turned in.

308 are voting as Republicans, 49 are Democratic, and 13 are Independent voters.

Hall County already has one thousand and nine ballots.

751 are Republican, 201 are Democratic, and 57 are Independent.

And with such heated races across the state, more voters are switching parties this year.

In fact, since January more than 8 thousand registered voters have changed their party affiliation.

Around 4,300 have changed from other parties to Republican.

And, more than 2,000 have become Independent.

1,300 now say they are Democrats.