Eating Out on Thanksgiving

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Updated: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 09:34:05 CST

From the turkey to the stuffing, there's nothing like a homemade
traditional Thanksgiving feast.
But some people say ditch that tradition, we'll make our own.

HyVee in Grand Island is quiet this Thursday compared to most days.

Though, they do have a steady flow of customers picking up pre-prepared
Thanksgiving dinners.
They'll send about 100 customers home with these Thursday.
From the meat to the side dishes, you've got all the staples without the
hassle of cooking.

"No I wouldn't do that. I don't cook, I just eat." Said Terry Kyriss.

And there were a few last minute shoppers.

"I have to cook today. I'm a little behind." Said Emily McPherson.

While holidays are some of HyVee's slowest days, USA Steak Buffet in Grand
Island is doing big business.

"It's kind of like a family tradition, you know. If you don't want to cook
the turkey you come out here." Said Alfred Anderson.

Whether people are preparing a Thanksgiving meal, dining in or taking out,
there's one thing they can agree on, and that's what Thanksgiving is
really about.

"It's a time when family, even if you hate each other, a time when you get
into happiness." Said Jeremiah Dowty.

"Just being with friends and family." Said McPherson.

"We rotate who's house we go to and we set it aside as a pure family day."
Said Randy Rhodes.