Explosive device blows off resident's door in Hastings

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By Tim McNicholas


Updated: Mon, 02 Dec 2013 09:53:53 CST

On Thanksgiving morning, a delivery was made to the front door of a Hastings' residence and it wasn't a holiday gift...

It was an explosive device.

It blew off the door of a resident's home early Thursday.

It woke up several neighbors, with one woman across the street describing it as a sonic boom.

When residents stepped outside later that day, they saw the Hastings Police and the Nebraska State Patrol bomb squad investigating the scene.

Many of them are still searching for answers.

No one was hurt.

But nearby residents are nonetheless floored by the incident.
"We've lived on this corner for an excess of 60 years if you can believe that, and nothing like that," neighbor Owen Waechter said. "We haven't even had the police in the neighborhood from what I can recall."

Anyone with information can contact the Hastings Police Department. Their phone number is (402) 461-2380.