Farmers Praying For Clear Skies

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Updated: Mon, 09 Jun 2014 10:57:57 CST

Over 60 percent of the cornhusker state is still under moderate drought and many farmers are still praying for rain,but as News 5's Kelly Baumgarten explains, after last week's severe weather some area farmers are crossing their fingers for clear skies.

Nebraskan farmers are usually afraid of not getting enough rain during planting season.

"After being in a drought you never want to complain about rain but right now in the next few days there's a lot of farmers that would probably appreciate if there was a break"

Mark McHargue raises irrigated corn and popcorn and he's got his fingers crossed that his farm in central city stays dry.

"The weather varies a lot from eastern side to western side so right in this area were pretty good on moisture now and out west they're still in a drought they need moisture but right in this geographic area for myself if it didn't rain for a couple weeks I would be pretty happy"

Tuesday night's thunderstorms destroyed his popcorn field. His crop was about 8 inches tall and now thanks to the severe weather there's not much left of it.

"It hailed it out completely so were at kind of a cross roads right now whether we replant do we put it back to popcorn or field corn and really if we get another rain tonight to get back into this field because its already completely saturated with moisture."

Mark says if Sunday night's predictions for rain in central Nebraska prove to be true he might not be able to replant his popcorn at all... "We may have to switch to if it's not popcorn or field corn or maybe a crop like milo or maybe even rye or some other crop."

Because the popcorn won't have enough time to reach maturity before the fall.

"It's really hard to complain about rain but sometimes as farmers were kind of specific about when we get it but right now we've had enough."