Fifth Quarter Segment Two

News 5's The Fifth Quarter

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By Ed Littler And Will Sherratt


Updated: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 10:02:07 CST

Welcome back to the fifth quarter

Alongside Will Sherratt

I'm Ed Littler

Will...Elm Creek ...the number two seed in Class D–1

Would love to face their neighbors

Top seed overton in semifinals

But first ...a tough 9–0 hemingford squad ...stands in their way

Hoping to spoil the showdown

Let's go to Elm Creek for the action between Hemingford and Elm Creek No score in the first quarter, 3rd and long for the Buffaloes Nic Crowley making it happen dodges the sack and gets it done with his legs..

Takes a huge hit at the end for Matthew Wood laying the wood...

First down Buffaloes.

Very next play, Crowley giving it up to Hayden Geis Hemingford wins. 20–7....

Second game Giltner vs. Wynot Third Game Amherst vs. Wallace