Final day of legislative session underway

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Updated: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 12:02:06 CST

This morning, state lawmakers were called to order for the last time this legislative session. With just hours left in the 60 day session, it won't be an easy road ahead.

On the agenda for final reading today: ten bills and three appropriation bills. But with each of the 13 bills, comes an amendment. On the last day of the legislature, Omaha Senator Ernie Chambers isn't letting his mountain lion bill die quietly.

This morning, Senator Chambers attached a mountain lion amendment to *all* of the bills up for final reading today. As the legislature opened this morning, Senator Chambers took the floor to tell his fellow lawmakers that every bill heard today is going to contribute time to him and his mountain lions.

Legislative rules require amendments be relevant to the subject of the bill, and it will be left up to the unicameral chair to decide if mountain lion hunting meets those requirements.