First Day of School for Hastings Public

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By Kim Cung


Updated: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 09:14:30 CST

The excitement of the first day of school is here for Hastings Public Schools. Parents and eager children lined up outside Longfellow Elementary to meet their teachers before class started.

For those headed into kindergarten the experience is completely new. Cameras were all around as parents captured their child's first day of school. For one parent, having her son attend this school is extra special.

"My husband went to this school as well so Caleb, my son, and my husband are sharing the same kindergarten room, so it's pretty special. He's excited. He didn't have a problem saying goodbye, but I did," said Paige Krueger.

Parents took photos of their kids waving goodbye as they walked into the building, and some kids firmly held onto their parents' hands until the very last moment.