Former Fairfield City Clerk To Pay Restitution

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By Patrick Duronio


Updated: Wed, 09 Jul 2014 05:15:09 CST

A former Fairfield City Clerk accused of embezzling over 100,000 dollars from the city will not spend time behind bars.
Jennifer Bassett said in court today she was sorry for the damage she's caused to the small town.

Basset took the stand today at the Nuckolls County Court and said, "I'd like to apologize to the city of Fairfield and the whole community."

An annual audit in February 2013, found that Bassett made unauthorized purchases to Royal Caribbean Cruises and Wal-Mart. Instead of jail time, Bassett will serve probation and be ordered to pay restitution. A Restitution Hearing is set for July 25th.

Bassett's Defense Attorney offered to pay 25,000 dollars in restitution. But prosecutors want her to pay the full amount.
"The restitution agreement was not adequately supported by the facts today in court. I thought that we would come probably proceed to sentencing today but with the order of restitution that was not the case," said prosecuting attorney Timothy Schmidt.
In April, Bassett changed her plea to contest and withdrew her not guilty plea.