Forming a vision for Nebraska's education system

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Updated: Tue, 11 Feb 2014 09:34:03 CST

There were a lot of questions about education on Monday at the state capitol.  The main one being, "What is the future of our schools?"

With her bill LB 1103, Senator Kate Sullivan would like the state to form a common vision for the future of education.

Students, teachers and local business leaders would all be involved in the discussions-- taking place everywhere from board rooms to school lunch rooms across the state.

And once ideas are formed, Senator Sullivan would like to hold 3 public hearings to help understand the vision.

"At the very least we would give an offer or report to the legislature and then course there may be legislation introduced. And there will be the need for further conversation. The road map created will not necessarily have an ending but rather an ongoing discussion," said State Senator Kate Sullivan, District 41.

Students, community colleges, the State Chamber, Nebraska Farm Bureau and the Department of Education are among the list giving their support to the bill.