GIPS defends iPad use in class

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Updated: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 03:36:33 CST

Laptops and iPads in the classroom seem like cutting edge educational tools.

Some parents in the Grand Island Public School District are raising concerns about the technology.

They fear students are using social media websites in class instead of school work.

Senior High students use their school issued iPads nearly every day.

Teachers admit they do catch students getting off task, but they use that as a teachable moment.

"That's something that they're going to have to learn because they have those phones, because when they get a job if they use them during those times, they could possibly get fired. Right now they're learning that if they use it at an inappropriate time their grades are going to suffer." Said Amy Boyer, Science Teacher at GISH.

Grand Island Public Schools says the iPads are already set to block inappropriate websites.

Parents can block even more sites if they want to.

If someone has questions they can contact Grand Island Public Schools for assistance.