GISH Industrial Technology Wing in Need of Improvements

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By Taylor Barth


Updated: Mon, 18 Aug 2014 09:34:42 CST

The nearly $70 million bond issue on the ballot this fall wouldn't only provide improvements to Grand Island elementary schools, but also to Grand Island Senior High.

Ever since the career pathways institute opened in Grand Island, the industrial technology area of GISH, also known as the 100 wing, now sits vacant.

Principal Jeff Gilbertson said that area of the school needs to be redesigned and refurbished. He said the area is not functional, making fewer classrooms available for student use.

"We just need space," Gilbertson said. "We need classroom space for students and so we're hopeful, we're energized by the fact that the bond may pass and we'll have more space for our students. This bond is all about students, it's not about adults it's for our kids."

Gilbertson said the high school would need about $1 million from the bond issue to cover the construction costs. If the area of the school is refurbished, he said there is a long list of classes that need are in need of the space.